IX Wallet
July 2019 Mobile App Launch

Development of user-friendly Android/iOS applications will allow you to send and receive funds, check your account balance from your smartphone. Application is designed to maintain high standards of security: biometrical check, two-factor authentication when signing in.

August 2019 Internal Crypto Exchange Platform

Our plans considering IX Ecosystem include an internal exchange for most accepted crypto currencies. A crucial step in our development, as we can stop being dependent on third-party platforms and provide lower transaction fees with enhanced security and automated exchanges.

September 2019 Crypto Terminal Network

Our systems expansion outside of the Internet starts with a convenient network of instant exchange cash-2-crypto terminals. Best offer rate and enhanced operating speed are guaranteed by our partnership exchanges. This way, incoming operation is seen almost momentarily after customers confirmation.

October 2019 Hardware Crypto Wallet

The most secure way to store your assets is an offline secure storage device that protects private keys from your assets. Built with advanced secure element inside, a chip designed to securely host confidential data and withstand crypto-attacks, our IX Storage provides an easy and efficient way to secure your funds. You can manage IX account access privileges using Storage, this way intruders won't be able to use your data, even if they have all your credentials in possession.

Q4 2019 Crypto assets management through bank accounts worldwide

Our ambitions go beyond simply becoming a crypto wallet, thus we need to ensure use of the most convenient components of current banking system. IX Wallet is soon to be implemented into the network to provide high quality of service.

Q1 2020 Decentralized global payment system

Efficient business model, transparent blockchain technology and customer-oriented management is what makes our company such a powerful force to establish new digital economy. We strive to deliver unification to banking sector, thus our platform is designed to allow online shops and websites accept crypto and banking payments using IX Merchant Account.

Q2 2020 Launching of global Car Sharing service

Economical model of service would be deeply bounded with cryptocurrency, especially IX Token. IX Drive application would be connected with your wallet, and payment for Car Sharing service could be processed automatically from your cryptocurrency balance.