IX Wallet

Main idea behind IX Wallet is to reinvent traditional saving system by utilizing modern technological advances and generate a distinctive passive income stream.

Buy, HOLD and earn crypto.

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Multi-currency wallet
with low fees exchange feature

Our plans considering IX Ecosystem include an internal exchange for most accepted crypto currencies. A crucial step in our development, as we can stop being dependent on third-party platforms and provide lower transaction fees with enhanced security and automated exchanges.

Send, Receive and Hold crypto

Fast & easy to use cryptocurrency wallet with many convenient features.

IX Wallet Team strives to deliver exceptional and profitable opportunities to satisfy every client. We offer 4 categories for each currency with various monthly interest rates and daily accruals to your balance:

# Daily Accruals Monthly Interest Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum
1 Category 0.3% 9% 0.015 - 0.1 BTC 0.25 - 1.75 BCC 0.5 - 3 ETH
2 Category 0.4% 12% 0.1 - 0.5 BTC 1.75 - 8.5 BCC 3 - 15 ETH
3 Category 0.5% 15% 0.5 - 1.85 BTC 8.5 - 33.5 BCC 15 - 60 ETH
4 Category 0.6% 18% 1.85 - ∞ BTC 33.5 - ∞ BCC 60 - ∞ ETH

No hidden fees

  • Receiving to account balance — 0%
  • Withdrawal from account balance — 0%
  • Withdrawal from HOLD balance within 1-15 days since deposit, if it remains untouchable — 10%
  • Withdrawal from HOLD balance within 16-30 days since deposit, if it remains untouchable — 5%
  • If your HOLD balance has remained untouched in system for over 30 days — 1% HOLD balance withdrawal fee.

About IX

We are creating modular software and blockchain based solutions inside IX Ecosystem.

IX Arbitrage Bot

Currently company is funded by the money earned from our operating project. Our R&D department have created unique product, a trading bot featuring arbitrage functionality.
His main task is to deliver profitable arbitrage deals by thoroughly scanning stock exchange data and commencing trades(Buying lower price assets at company's A exchange, then selling assets for higher price at company's B exchange). One of main IX Arbiter's advantages lies deep within it's core design: our bot is built upon a wide neural network and capable of learning and self-improving. IX TEAM keeps source code encapsulated, thus giving investors ability to earn profits on arbitrage via IX Wallet. Our intentions with this revolutionary product are to make source code open to public after the main line of IX Ecosystem products is released(estimated 2QT 2020). From that point we’ll be willing to sell licensed copies to customers for personal use.

Experienced Team

IX WALLET is brought to you by the Management and Development Team behind such projects as Stratis ICO, Binance and BNCEX, a team of individuals well experienced to create a real secure Decentralized Bank.

Get Bonus Rewards

In addition to passive income, you can make money off constructing your own partner network. Our referral ranking system consists of 5 ranks. And you can earn up to 100% from your partners investments

IX Roadmap

Driven by a vision to provide convenient solutions to our customers, this Roadmap includes IX Company’s plans for further development.

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